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Can you identify what kind of tree each of these logs came from?

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     If you own timber and are trying to figure out what to do, you have come to the right place!

      Trees in your forests are in a very complex industry. Within each specie are multiple uses and multiple markets, and there are mulitple species of trees!

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 Our Mission Statement: To Offer Professional Consultation To Our Clients, And Manage Their Timber Holdings EXACTLY THE SAME As If We Owned It Ourself.

      The timber industry can be a jungle. There is much mystery & many myths, and it is easy for a timber owner to make a mistake that can cost thousands of dollars. I am Ed Coulbourn, owner of Carolina Timber Consulting, Inc. (C.T.C, Inc.) and I will help you understand the entire process. Some timber is just NOT READY to market. Some is READY, BUT OPTIONAL. And some is READY & THE MARKET IS RIGHT. My job is to give you sound advice so that you can make the best decision concerning your trees, regardless of what stage of growth they are currently in.

What Makes Carolina Timber Consulting Different?

      The Status Quo: Most consultants in the industry are known as "Consulting Foresters." Some are licensed and formally educated in a Tech School or University where the emphasis is on the growth and health of the forests (this is good, of course, and a vital part of the industry). But when it comes to the actual marketing of the trees, most must rely solely on guess work with little experience nor understanding of logging and merchandising timber.

       The Difference: My experience and university education was in business and marketing. Knowing: HOW…WHEN…&…WHERE to market forest products simply cannot be taught in the classroom or learned behind a desk in an office. Over 40 years of "hands-on" timber experience has taught me much about how this complex business works.

      There is simply no getting around this fact: You will have to trust someone in this business. I hope you will choose me. Experience; education; industry knowledge; dependability; honesty; integrity are all part of the package… and very reasonable and more than competitive Rates!

      The attached artricle though old, is there to validate the "hands-on" experience & integrity I bring to the table. Some of the testimonials are also older, but serve to validate my history, integrity, and experience as well.

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